Hello Everyone,

Today’s theme came from a conversation I had with Life yesterday. He was telling me that one of his toys, a small figurine, was a bit of a trouble maker, knocking down sand castles and sneaking into the kitchen to get candy. So, that made me think it would be fun for us to make a book about mischevious toys. (The word “mischevious’ means getting into mischief and doing things you aren’t supposed to do.) You will have to use your imagination for this activity.

Imagine what kind of mischief one of your toys could get into — maybe a doll or a lego figure or a stuffie. If that toy could move around your house when no one was looking and cause problems, what would it do? Where would it go your house? What kind of trouble would it cause? What kind of miscief would it get into? Make a picture of your toy being mischevious and add words to tell us what your toy is doing.

This is going to be a VERY interesting book.