2020 Fall Fundraiser

A message from  Paul Freedman, Head of School 

2020 has been a very challenging year for all. As a small, independent community school, Salmonberry has felt the impacts of Covid-19 in tangible and visceral ways. Within this landscape, despite our 19 years of sustainable growth and sound financial planning, Salmonberry School is vulnerable. This summer the staff and Board have worked tirelessly to prepare for re-opening even amid the uncertainties of the pandemic. Now we proudly and confidently return safely to in-person learning with the collaboration of our County Health Officers. We have completely redesigned our interior spaces and have re-envisioned and rebuilt our campus to create cohorted outdoor learning and play environments.

I am so proud of the Salmonberry community and its determination to innovate again and again to serve children. All of this work has come at great expense and we come to you, our supporters, now with a request to join us in this important mission.  Please help us ensure that this herculean effort to re-open, safely and together, will not put the school’s sustainability at risk. 

Thank you for supporting Salmonberry, the little school with a huge heart!

Shop Salmonberry’s Fall Fundraiser

Each item below represents a purchase the school has already made and is putting to use as part of our safe, largely outdoor reopening plan. Your donation will help offset these expenses and will not yield an actual deliverable purchase.
If you prefer to donate by check, your generous donation can be sent to:
Salmonberry School .   PO Box 1197  .  Eastsound, WA 98245