Salmonberry School 2018 Summer Program List


Playful Explorations with Water & Light with Emmy Gran 

June 25-29 9:00 AM–3:00 PM for ages 4-7.

Come explore the joys and science of water and light! Infused with both play and learning, we will explore the qualities of water – life sustaining, beautiful, and precious. Through bubbles, rainbows, color mixing, and experiments, we will share a week full of sensory experiences with light and color.  When light and water combine, the possibilities are endless! Join us for a week of water play, art projects and science experiments.   $245


Creativity Camp (Circus Arts) with Jamie Mulligan-Smith and Maria Bullock 

June 25-29 9:00 AM-3:00 PM for ages 8-12.                                           ONLY A FEW SPOTS LEFT!!

Join Jamie and Maria for an introduction to a variety of circus arts and improvisational movement play that is sure to stir the imagination! Dance, Tumbling, Poi, Juggling, Acro- Balance, Hula Hoop and more will be explored in a safe, fun, nurturing, and cooperative environment.    $265* 

*Program cost includes additional $20 fee for use of the Orcas Christian School’s gym facilities.


Creativity Camp (Circus Arts) with Jamie Mulligan-Smith 

July 2-6 9:00 AM-3:00 PM for ages 4-7.

Join Jamie for an introduction to a variety of circus arts and improvisational movement play that is sure to stir the imagination! Dance, Poi, Hula Hoop, Acro- Balance, Juggling, Tumbling and more will be explored in a safe, fun, nurturing, and cooperative environment.    $245 


Fun with Math – Games, Art, & More with Kari Van Gelder 

July 2-6 9:00 AM-3:00 PM for ages 8-12.

Whether you think you love math or loath math, this week promises to be nothing like your regular math class. We’ll have a fun dive into patterns, probability, and logic. Come find out about tessellations, fractals, Sierpinski’s pyramid, parabolic curves, and platonic solids. This week we’re going to eat, play, gamble, draw, and craft with math and it’s bound to be a good time!    $245 


Storytelling through the Arts with Hyo Rhi Kim 

July 9-13 9:00 AM-3:00 PM for ages 8-12.

Everyone has a story to tell. From ancient oral traditions to modern podcasts, we never stop sharing stories. We tell them to entertain, to relive and relieve our emotions, to remember something meaningful, to pass on legacies that have shaped us as individuals and as a community, and to express who we want to become.  In this camp, we will explore various ways storytellers, performers, visual artists, and writers around the world have shared their stories. We will listen to others’ and learn skills to playfully share our stories through individual and collaborative projects that involve speaking, writing, drawing and imaginative photography. We will embark on a fun, nourishing journey of self-discovery, community building and creative expression.     $245


Earthways Nature Education Camp with Cody Beebe and Terry Drussel 

July 16-20 from 9:00 AM-3:00 PM for ages 4-7. 

Salmonberry is excited to host a collaboration again this summer with Earthways Nature Education. This camp will take place in the cedar grove at the beautiful Glenwood Hatchery on Orcas Island. Mentor and Earthways founder Cody Beebe will weave storytelling, sensory awareness games, basic wilderness survival practices, primitive fire- making and fire building demonstration, techniques, and safety, primitive shelter building, safety and methods of basic primitive tool carving, aid-less navigation, native plants and animals and habitats, language of the birds, and animal tracking into one action packed week. Campers will also have the opportunity to spend time at a self-selected “secret spot.”    $265


Farm Camp with Amy Lum 

July 16-20 from 9:00 AM-3:00 PM for ages 8-12.                                           THIS CAMP IS FULL.

Come learn about the farm at Salmonberry this summer! During this camp kids will be introduced to a variety of animals, including goats, sheep and more. They will learn plenty of farm facts and fiction through science projects, games, and hands-on craft activities. It’s bound to be a barnyard of fun!    $245 


Literacy Through Culinary Arts with Linda Henning 

July 23-27 from 9:00 AM-3:00 PM for ages 6-12.

Literacy Through Culinary Arts is back again this summer, and this time with a fairy tale theme. Have fun making healthy and delicious food that any princess, king, dwarf, or giant would love to eat. Each day we will focus on a different fairy tale, dress up, create our own fairy tales cookbook, and on our last day take a walk through an enchanted wood with a picnic basket filled with homemade goodies that would please any grandmother or wolf.    $245 


Earthways Nature Education Camp with Cody Beebe and Terry Drussel 

July 30-August 3 from 9:00 AM-3:00 PM for ages 8-12.                                     ONLY A FEW SPOTS LEFT!!

Salmonberry is excited to host a collaboration again this summer with Earthways Nature Education, based in the Nooksack River valley. This camp will again take place off the Salmonberry campus but nearby at the Glenwood Hatchery. Campers will have the opportunity to learn about the plants and animals that live on Orcas Island as well as basic landscape navigation. Campers will keep a nature journal and spend quiet reflection time at a self-selected “secret spot”. Cody will blend story telling and game playing with teaching wilderness survival skills, carving technique, spear throwing and stick making. Goals for the week include safely learning wilderness survival skills, understanding and connecting with nature and having fun!    $265


Adelante Español with Laura Black

August 6-10 from 9:00 AM-3:00 PM for ages 8-12.

¡Bienvenidos, amigos! Grab your passports and let’s explore the Spanish-speaking world together. From Mexico to Argentina, Nicaragua to España we will learn about indigenous and modern cultural traditions while practicing Spanish through conversation, cooking, story, song and dance. All levels welcome.     $245 


Meet the staff… 

Cody Beebe has spent the last 17 years bringing nature and wilderness education to young people throughout the northwest. Through his Earthways Nature Institute in Maple Falls, WA, Cody provides powerful lessons to young people on a wide range of basic survival skills, wood carving, orienteering and map making, shelter building, fire building and campfire cooking, animal tracking, crafting cordage from wild plants, edible native plants and much more. Moreover, Cody brings deep awareness to ecological systems and ways of living with respect for and in harmony with the natural world. Since connecting with Salmonberry School students on a semester long study of wilderness skills, Cody has been eager to share his ethic of sustainable living with the wild with the kids of Orcas Island. 

Laura Black began teaching in 2004 as a librarian at the middle school level. She has worked since 2013 as Salmonberry’s Spanish teacher. With a degree in Foreign Languages, with an emphasis in Spanish, she has also spent time traveling in several Spanish speaking countries to attend Spanish language school and practice in an immersive capacity with locals. 

Maria Bullock is a dynamic teacher who specializes in aerial silks and Lyra instruction. She has shared her talent and passion for this with many islanders through her Orcas Island Aerial Acrobatics program. 

Emmy Gran joined the Salmonberry staff in 2013 as the assistant teacher in the elementary program’s primary grades classroom. She is now the school’s Kindergarten teacher. Before coming to Orcas she lived in Washington D.C., where she taught classes in urban food systems and organic food production. She passionately combines her love of learning, teaching, and growing food at Salmonberry. In the summer of 2017 she graduated with a Master’s degree in Education from Goddard College. 

Linda Henning (M.S. Ed) joined the Salmonberry School community in 2015. She is the lead teacher in the primary grades classroom. Linda has a strong background in project-based education and experiential learning in the Expeditionary Learning Model. She has taught for almost 20 years in preschool-6th grades in diverse classroom settings. Linda was on the founding faculty of Summit Academy in Stanwood, Wa. and the Stillwater School in Arlington, Wa. Now residing on Orcas Island, she thrills at the dramatic shoreline vistas, the restful feeling of the open meadows, and feels at home in the small, friendly island community. 

Hyo Rhi Kim is a teacher at Orcas Island Forest School who spends every day exploring the world through the eyes of curious young children. Her college studies in anthropology and personal experiences living in Germany, Korea and the United States have taught her the importance of hearing multiple voices and perspectives. She has been enamored by the powerful effects of storytelling to open up new realms of awareness and empathy for the listeners and to empower the teller with a stronger sense of self. She is inspired to give children various platforms and tools to preserve and express their unique voices so they can navigate the world in their authentic ways. 

The parent of two Salmonberry alums, Amy Lum is one of the stewards of Lum Farm, home to an array of critters, both feathered and furry. When not on the farm or at Salmonberry, Amy might be found shearing a sheep or selling wonderful felted creatures at the Orcas Farmer’s Market. 

Jamie Mulligan-Smith is a well-loved former teacher at Salmonberry School. Since leaving her position as Lead Primary Instructor, Jamie has spent time training with Double Edge Theater in western MA, Emerald City Trapeze Arts in Seattle, and has undergone extensive AcroBalance training in Portland, Or. She has spent the past year traveling with the organization Performers Without Borders in Kenya and elsewhere. She is excited to return to Orcas and share her passions with the community she still feels is her home. 

Kari Van Gelder has been deeply involved at Salmonberry since enrolling her daughter here in 2010. She officially joined the Salmonberry staff in the fall of 2015. She comes to teaching via a path less travelled, with a wealth of prior experience found through tutoring, homeschooling, classroom volunteering, independent study and keen observation. She is delighted to teach the intermediate grades class with Paul Freedman. In addition to sharing language arts and math with Paul, Kari carries both the science and art programs. Kari radiates a deep love for children and calls upon her own capacity for connection to draw the children towards their own self-discovery in academics, community and citizenship.