Hello Everyone,

The family graphs you made last week were wonderful. Do you have some graph paper left? I thought you might like to try another graphing activity.

This time you get to choose what kind of information you will collect and graph. You could make a graph about anything. Here are some ideas:

-Make a graph of the different kinds of furniture in your house – how many chairs, how many tables, etc.
-Make a graph of your clothes – how many shoes you have, how many shirts you have, how many coats you have, etc. Or choose one kind of clothing and make a graph that shows how many colors you have of that – like how many red socks, how many blue socks, how many striped socks, how many patterned socks, etc.
-Make a graph about the kinds of trees in your yard or the plants in your garden. (This might involve a lot of counting!)
-Make a graph about your toys – how many balls, how many games, how many stuffies, etc. Or, choose one sort of toy and graph how maany different kinds you have — like how many square blocks, how many triangular blocks, how many rectangular blocks, etc.
-Make a food graph that show your favorite foods. How many are fruits? How many are vegetables? How many are meat? How many are breads? You get the idea.
-What will your graph be about? You can use one of my ideas or come up with an idea of your own.