Salmonberry Expansion

Salmonberry is stretching all of its available resources

to fund an expansion — a new green-built modular classroom.

Welcome to Salmonberry School

A holistic educational pathway for children ages four through twelve.


The Salmonberry Kindergarten, affectionately known as the Salmon program, is a child-centered and holistic program for children 4-6 years old. The Salmon program is built upon a strong foundation and understanding of child development and a belief in the need for children at these ages to be immersed in a world of imaginative and creative play.


Made up of the Otters, Cedars and Eagles classrooms, the Salmonberry Elementary program is a holistic school for children 6-12 years old. The program uses an integrated thematic approach to provide meaningful learning experiences to the two classrooms’ multi-age learners. Students are offered a strong academic program, which is designed to meet the unique needs and learning styles of each child.

Summer Programs

Salmonberry School’s week-long thematic day camp adventures for children ages 4 to 12 feature high quality, multidisciplinary learning with an emphasis on hands-on fun. Sessions are taught by our current and former teachers and closest friends. Come get a sweet summer-time taste of the Salmonberry magic.

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About Salmonberry

Education for Meaning

Children are natural learners and engage much more than just their intellect. In pursuing optimal academic growth for all students, Salmonberry uses an integrated and thematic approach that draws out children’s sense of imagination, creativity and adventure. Curriculum is designed to bring various subjects together through whole experiences both inside the classroom and beyond.

Learning in Relationship

Salmonberry’s smaller multi-age classrooms are designed to deepen the relationships between teachers and learners by emphasizing communication and kindness and respecting a diversity of experiences. In this intimate environment of cooperation and camaraderie, each child is known and cared for by teachers and friends alike.

Holistic Education

Our students are given opportunities to explore learning their bodies through play and dance; they explore creativity through art, craft, music and drama; and they learn to pause, breathe and self-reflect through meditation, journaling and community meetings. Teachers guide students as they learn through their minds, bodies, hearts and spirit.

Land Acknowledgement

Salmonberry School stands on an archipelago once inhabited entirely by the Straits Salish people whose ancestors began residing here 11,000 years ago. The theft of sovereign land by Europeans and white settlers resulted in loss of life, culture, and home for many Indigenous peoples. We honor the Straits Salish who continue to live in this place—alive and strong. To do so, we commit to educating ourselves and our students, supporting Indigenous organizations and change movements, and building relationships with those upon whose land we reside.