Welcome to Salmonberry

Welcome to Salmonberry School…
a holistic educational pathway for children ages four through twelve.

Salmonberry is a Washington State approved private elementary school serving children ages 4-12 on Orcas Island. Founded in 2001, Salmonberry School offers a holistic learning experience that nurtures the intellectual and imaginative capabilities of each child. We provide an academically and experientially rich environment in which confidence, compassion, and responsibility are strengthened through cooperative community learning.  Salmonberry School is part of a global transformation in education. Holistic education acknowledges and celebrates the wholeness of each child and the inherent meaning in authentic learning experiences. “The aim of holistic education is not merely to fill the child with information….Rather it is to help the young person develop into a free, creative, compassionate being who can participate fully in the life of the community.” – Ron Miller



Academic excellence, deeper learning
Salmonberry’s curriculum is child-centered and emergent, rich in language, literature, science, craft, and the arts. We integrate strong academics with active learning to bring integrated thematic units to life.

For children, learning involves more than the intellect. At Salmonberry, we present subjects in multiple ways and go deeper for greater understanding. The kids say they “learn how to learn.” They say itʼs more fun, too, and the results are amazing!


Learning Environment

Smaller class sizes
Our intimate multi-age, family-like classrooms exist within a warm school community in a beautiful natural setting where parents are always welcome.

 At Salmonberry, smaller class sizes encourage more meaningful teacher-student relationships. Children get to know each other better. Teachers have more opportunities for individualized learning.

Contact Information

To schedule a campus visit and learn more, call 360-376-4310 or email us at info@salmonberryschool.org