Enrollment at Salmonberry School


As your family considers Salmonberry School, we will do our best to give you every opportunity to get to know our programs better.  We encourage you to contact us at info@salmonberryschool.org or 360-376-4310.  Our Head of School Paul Freedman or Assistant Head of School Laura Black will answer any questions you might have, and, if possible, arrange a campus visit. Once you have decided you would like to take the next steps in enrolling your child, you are ready to fill out the application.

Completing an Application 

Applying is easy using our online application. We encourage families to apply online as it simplifies the submission process and provides parents with a immediate record of their application. It also gives our Salmonberry staff a useful tool as they begin the journey of getting to know your child.  A non-refundable fee of $50 must be submitted with your application.  This serves as a deposit and will be applied towards your child’s program fee upon enrollment.

To access the online application, please click on the link below.

Click here to apply athttp://www.tads.com


Enrolling at Salmonberry

The following outline details the steps to enroll a child at Salmonberry School.

Adjustments to these procedures may be made at the discretion of the Head of School as warranted by specific circumstances.

1. Contact the school at 360-376-4310 or email info@salmonberryschool.org to request information.

2. A school tour and visit to the classroom will be arranged. A visit to the school allows parents to see the facilities firsthand and to freely dialogue with the teacher. The Salmonberry staff can be available at any stage of inquiry to discuss the school philosophy and classroom programs in detail. The Program Administrator will be available to guide the application and enrollment process.

3. Complete the new student application and submit it online, along with the non-refundable application fee of $50. This fee will be applied to the student’s program deposit if the child is enrolled at Salmonberry. Salmonberry School may request student files and records from previous schools before an application can be considered.

4. The Head of School and classroom teacher will make a decision regarding the child’s enrollment. Factors affecting enrollment decisions may include availability of space, demographics of the classroom, and Salmonberry’s ability to meet the child’s needs adequately.

5. The Salmonberry Staff will notify the parents of the enrollment decision within an agreed upon time. At that time, if the family chooses to enroll the child, the program fee deposit will be due in full to secure the space in the class. An enrollment form, as well as supplemental forms including a certificate of immunization, emergency contact forms and other documents will be e-mailed to the parent through TADS, which is the school’s automated enrollment & tuition management system. Parents will have many opportunities to ask questions and gather information prior to their child’s attendance.

6. Parents complete their enrollment agreement, all other necessary forms, and the required deposit to reserve placement through the TADS online tuition management system. All forms must be completed and the first tuition installment must be paid before a child may attend class.

7. The child is enrolled! The first 30 days of a student’s first year are considered a trial period. During this period, the school reserves the right to dismiss a student at any time, for any reason if the staff deems it necessary for the welfare of the child or the school. In the event of withdrawal at the request of the school, any remaining tuition will be refunded to the family.