Salmonberry’s Online Learning Vision

  • To maintain strong relationship-based teacher-learner mentorship with the children and their families.
  • To to design dynamic programs that best support families in providing home-based learning aligned with Salmonberry’s Mission and pedagogy. 
  • To challenge, guide and mentor students by offering meaningful project-based work and academically relevant curricular content.
  • To connect and engage students with their peers as well as their instructors.
  • To foster well-being of heart, mind, and body.


Our Commitment

As a small, holistic relationship-based school, we are deeply committed to joining your child and you in their continuing educational journey. As Paul Brahce, Salmonberry’s Kindergarten teacher said, quality education is never about “stuff,” it is about relationship. Salmonberry will always be committed to maintaining its presence as a community of care, even and especially during these challenging times. Let’s continue to share in our vision of Salmonberry as the center to which we know we can each return, where we will be held with love, compassion and understanding, and without fear of judgment.