What We Believe

Salmonberry School teaches the whole child.        

We believe that children learn best at their own pace. We provide students with the freedom, the opportunities, and the tools to discover an pursue their passions.  Our curriculum is rich in language, literature, science, craft, and the arts. We integrate strong academics with active learning to bring integrated thematic units to life. This challenges and inspires students to develop as creative thinkers and doers.

Our school community is based on mutual support and respect among students, teachers, and families. At Salmonberry, children thrive in an environment of cooperation and camaraderie. They develop self-respect, and appreciation for the different perspectives of others.


Community service projects, a strong multi-cultural focus, and deep involvement with nature’s rhythms are central to our program. Through these experiences, students become informed, socially and environmentally responsible citizens.

A Unified Student Body.  

We make every effort to integrate the elementary and Kindergarten programs into a unified Salmonberry community. Typically, Kindergarten children and elementary children have shared time outside twice each day. In addition, specialist instructors teach lessons to the entire community in a cooperative, multi-age setting when appropriate. Teachers in all of the classrooms plan together to insure that specific classroom processes as well as broad vision setting is consistent. We are developing a mentoring program whereby older elementary students and even junior and senior high school students will spend time in the preschool classroom engaging in cross-age peer tutoring and modeling. Teachers also regularly plan specific activities to allow all students to be integrated regardless of their age and placement.